Ditch Music Sessions

Music in the Neighborhood.

Started in 2020 as a response to seeing that all musicians were out of work due to COVID-19. The very first idea was to have a musician stroll around the neighborhood like a ‘minstrel’ and test this concept out while visiting through a window with some friends. The musician took his guitar and went across the street and started to play and sing. While this was good, the audio would not carry far and walking and singing was not going to give the listener more than a fleeting glimpse of the music. We then talked about a truck bed and rolling through a neighborhood. While this was achievable, again the music would be fleeting. So the first iteration of the implementation was to have the artists play in sequence at 4 locations in a neighborhood so people could be outside and not have too many people in one place. We had one that wanted to use his car and another that we used a VW bus from a neighbor. The Neighbors allowed us to plug in to their power and the musician had their simple PA system. Sets were 15 minutes, and then the first musician left and the second one started. They then followed each other to 3 more locations, ending at the Ditch. The musicians were great and the neighbors were supportive so we continued the series and streamlined to 3 locations and then 2 as we understood more about COVID and finally just at the Ditch location.. 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 and beyond the music continues…

The Ditch is the last dirt road (Parkway) in Tempe and contains one of the last open irrigation canal in Tempe. It’s actually called George Ditch or George’s Ditch. It is a small canal and is about one half mile long.

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  • https://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/best-of/2021/nightlife/best-pandemic-concert-series-12110911
  • https://kjzz.org/content/1659547/ditch-music-rolls-socially-distanced-concerts-tempe-neighborhoods
Kim Capria4/17
Jim Gerke4/17
Bill Hamilton/Tiff Bailey4/25
Aj Odneal4/25
Drew Bollmann4/25
David Rhodes/Cassie Rhodes5/1
Mark Zubia5/1
Janelle Loes5/1
Laura Joy5/9
Alexia Rodriquez5/9
Walt Richardson5/9
Kim Capria5/15
Jim Bachmann5/15
Bill and Tiff/Francesca and the Nobodies5/15
Walt Richardson9/26
Kim Capria9/26
Alexia and Caleb10/16
Jim Bachmann and Joshua Williams10/16
Jim King and Chris Losey10/16
Jim Gerke and Brian Blush of Murphy’s Outlaw10/30
Travis and Martin of Japhys Descent10/30
Laura Hamlin10/30
Tempe High Mariachi Band11/13
Bill Hamilton, Tiffany Bailey, Reed Fox11/13
Janelle Loes11/13
Robbie Roberson, Ed Ganero, Ella Arlienne11/13
Marc Norman and Judge11/27
Carol Pacey and Andy Borunda11/27
AJ Odneal11/27
Annabelle Stern12/11
Alexia and Caleb12/11
Lottie and the Lizards feat. Monique Faber12/11
Marc Norman and Judge12/11
Walt Richardson w/Robby Roberson and Friends2/19
Kim Capria2/19
Alexia and Lindsay3/5
Travis and Martin of Japhys Descent3/5
BF3 (David Rhodes.Chad Hines and Phillip Rhodes)3/19
Norm Pratt, Jon Rauhouse and Carolyn Rust Camp3/19
Janae Dunn4/2
Ed Ganero, Robby Roberson, Ella Scofield4/2
Bill Hamilton, Tiffany Bailey, Reed Fox4/16
Murphy’s Outlaw (Jim, Brian, Dustin, Drew)4/16
Aiyana Havir w/Alan Havir4/30
Francesca and the Nobodies4/30
Alexia Rodriquez and Caleb Clifton4/30
Kim Capria4/30
Bill Hamilton5/22
David Rhodes5/22
Murphy’s Outlaw5/22
Tempe High Mariachis12/17
Annabelle Stern12/17
Walt Richardson12/17
Bill Hamilton, Tiffany Bailey and Reed Fox10/22
Dirty Rhodes (David, Cassie, Phillip, Jim, Ryan, Troy, Mark)10/22
Danielle Durack11/4
Walt Richardson11/4
Annabelle Stern and Sarah12/16
Alexia Rodriguez and Caleb Clifton12/16
Kim Capria and Philip Thorneycroft3/24
Santini Bros (Jim King/Mysterious Andrew)3/24
Carol Pacey and Andy Borunda4/28
Emilee Allan and Bill Hamilton4/28
Kevin Michael Prier w/David/Cassie Rhodes/Jim Gerke4/28
Revolutuonary Development5/12
Pine Riders feat. Jon Gillan5/12
Punk Daddy10/20
Walt Richardson and Hannes Kvaran10/20
Millenial Summer11/10
Farmer Wilson11/10
David Rhodes/Jim Gerke and Friends12/9
Green 1823/22
Slug Bug3/22
Kim Capria4/12
Lost in the Sun4/12
Bill Hamilton and Tiffany Bailey (Park Music Sessions)4/20
Farmer Wilson (Park Music Sessions)4/20
Jim Gerke and Friends5/3
Ella Scofield, Michael Powers and Ed Ganero5/3
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